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I am a Research Assistant at INRIA, Ecole Centrale-Supelec Paris, working with Prof. Pawan Kumar M. and Prof. Iasonas Kokkinos. In the past I have worked as a Research Assistant at the Center for Visual Information Technology (CVIT), IIIT Hyderabad, and as a visiting Research student at the Visual Geometry Group (VGG), University of Oxford. I received my (MS by Research + Bachelor of Technology (Honours) in Computer Science) at the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India. My areas of research include Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

I am currently a Research Intern at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR), Paris.

I used to sing for a Metal/Rock band called Karmic Blend. I have been part of other Rock bands, Blackhole, and Victims of Rock before. I am an amateur writer and occasionally write poems, songs, short stories, and I am working on a novel too. Few of my compositions can be found on my blog. I have played various sports over the years: cricket, football, basket ball, tennis. I am a fitness enthusiast, and I like to travel, and cook.