The proliferation of data management systems along with tremendous progress made over the past decade in terms of computing power have contributed to the creation of a new discipline at the intersection of computer science and applied mathematics: the data science domain.

The Department of Applied Mathematics at Ecole Centrale de Paris, inspired from the emerging needs of society towards addressing the new digital sciences era (big data) and forming the new generation of data sciences, introduces a novel, complete, self-contained scientific educational program in the area of data sciences covering domains ranging from statistics, machine learning, optimization and large scale computing.

The main objective is to develop mathematical models and their computational solutions able to reason and interpret massive amount of data where typically the information sought is quite sparse. Leading innovation companies in the new digital era rely on mining, understanding, interpreting of such data towards content-creation, product development and new services. Google, Facebook, and Amazon are examples relying on such technologies to build real-time efficient recommendation systems.

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